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[NEKAD] Druid apply Léafeye

Want to join our ranks. Tell us a bit about yourself, and you just might be invited.

[NEKAD] Druid apply Léafeye

Postby Leafeye » 23 Mar 2015 21:42

Character Name: Léafeye
Level and Class: lvl100 Druid
Preferred Talent Specification: Resto
Armory Link: ... e/advanced
Purpose of joining (social or raiding): Raiding

What is your /played time on your main character and any significant alts or previous main characters (please give the names and server of any significant alts or previous mains as well)?
On my druid ( main):
Total time played = 200days
Days played on this level= 20 days

Why did you choose to play the spec and the class you currently playing? Would you consider to play another class or spec if we feel this is better for the guild of the time being?

I can play every spec of my class to a high level but i feel most confortable in restoration or feral spec.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself:
I'm a 21 year old guy who lives in Belgium, I study languages and tourism and love to go out with friends and i'm a big sportsfan! And i'm single, so ladies... ;)

Please tell us about your raiding experience , if you don't have any raid experience please tell us about any other gaming experiences, be it WoW or other games:
I've been raiding since TBC and most of the time at a pretty high level. In WotLK I got some server firsts with my guild of that time (disbanded :s ), in cataclysm i did completed every heroic raid and same for MoP. In MoP i joined Vex Thal, a guild which you probably know.

Please tell us what you look for in a guild and what made you decide to apply to The Family Legion:
I'm looking for a raiding guild with a friendly atmosphere but with a decent pase of progress. I'm applying to Family Legion because i've had some good experiences in the past with a couple of your members back in SoO. And I never hear anything negative or offputting from you guys. And your guildname says it best I think, you guys are a family but also like to raid :)

If you were in any other guild/guilds before applying to us, why did you leave?
Before Vex Thal I played on another server (Eonar) but my guild on Eonar disbanded after the guildleader had to quit for work and real life stuff. I want to leave Vex Thal because I don't feel appreciated and often get ignored when I try to come up with suggestions. I don't mind the slower progress we've had but I feel it's time for me to move on.

What is your view on progress raiding?
Every guild has it's own idea of what level of progress it wants to achieve. It is up to the raiders to live up to that expectation and try to learn the fight as quickly as possible, by preparing before the fight and comming up with ideas/ suggestions throughout progress. Problems will arise during progress and it's only by good communication and by doing what you're told that bosses will fall over :) I hope people take raiding a little bid serious in Family Legion but most of all I hope they're having fun. Because in the end raiding almost like a hobby and it's always supposed to be fun. So Jokes and laughing at silly mistakes are a must :)

We are not a hardcore guild. Which means we do not have as strict attendance requirements and sets IRL stuff first. However this leads to a bigger raid group. Ideally we want a raid group of about 30-35 people, which means sometimes people have to sit out. To make this fair we have a rotation system based on attendance. A more detailed explanation of the system can be found here. Is a signup system like this acceptable by you?

If you have the possibility to provide a screenshot of your current raid UI and any WoL/Warcraftlogs logs showing your performance, please do so:
I use the standard blizzard UI for my raidframes but I am using a couple of addons like DBM, Weakauras, TellMeWhen, (recount). I choose not to use to many addons because I like my screen clean so i can seem y character and surroundings, I 'm really no computer genius but if needed I can install any addon needed.
Blackhand kill:
heroic clear of BRF
Beastlord progress: ... 94&wipes=1

Please give any further information which you may be of interest to us and may support your application:

I think i'm a solid addition to any raid team but I chose to apply to Family Legion first because I remember you guys to be a funloving bunch of swedes that have a good core raidgroup.
I hope to hear from you guys soon, please feel free to add my battletag Leafeye#2382
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Re: [NEKAD] Druid apply Léafeye

Postby Bertus » 24 Mar 2015 09:12

We are only looking to recruit Swedish players, as you say we are a swedish guild, so therefore your apply is denied.

Best of luck in your future guild search!
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